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SafeWay by Nasstia SafeWay :iconnasstia:Nasstia 2 3 Irma Lair by Nasstia Irma Lair :iconnasstia:Nasstia 2 0 the explorers by Nasstia the explorers :iconnasstia:Nasstia 8 2 Bathanelle by Nasstia Bathanelle :iconnasstia:Nasstia 3 1 Morning kiss by Nasstia Morning kiss :iconnasstia:Nasstia 2 0 talking together by Nasstia talking together :iconnasstia:Nasstia 3 2 Harpies by Nasstia Harpies :iconnasstia:Nasstia 3 1 nymphe by Nasstia nymphe :iconnasstia:Nasstia 3 2 a star by Nasstia a star :iconnasstia:Nasstia 0 0 big white one by Nasstia big white one :iconnasstia:Nasstia 2 1 sitting in a tree, B-U-R-N-I-N-G by Nasstia sitting in a tree, B-U-R-N-I-N-G :iconnasstia:Nasstia 2 0 Mummy by Nasstia Mummy :iconnasstia:Nasstia 3 1 papote by Nasstia papote :iconnasstia:Nasstia 3 3 swim faster by Nasstia swim faster :iconnasstia:Nasstia 3 3 Chat Noir by Nasstia Chat Noir :iconnasstia:Nasstia 5 1 Centaure by Nasstia Centaure :iconnasstia:Nasstia 6 1


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“Huff… huff…”
Henry raced down the dilapidated hallway as fast as his old legs could muster, sweat running down his face and his lungs burning from both a lack of oxygen and the acrid smell of old ink filling the air.
Pools of ink sloshed around his ankles, probably staining his pant legs, but at the moment, he didn’t care. He kept running, desperate to escape the… horror behind him. Even now he could still see it, the inky mass with it's hands grasping through the boarded-up doorway…
Shaking his head, Henry refocused his attention on getting out of this God-forsaken place as soon as possible. Soon enough, he could see the exit up ahead. Just a few more feet and he would be free…
“Almost… there…”
He reached out towards the doorknob, ready to grab it…
…Only for the floor beneath him to give way. Henry only had a moment to let out a gasp of dismay before he disappeared into the pool of ink and everything
:iconpsychodemonfox:PsychoDemonFox 14 5
BatIM TH.AU - Well of Voices
Henry panted desperately as swung his weapon at the monsters surrounding him. He was overwhelmed by the creatures of ink, they seemed to appear quicker than he could destroy them. And his weapon… did nothing to help him.
A plunger. Why in God’s name had ‘Alice’ given him a plunger?! And why had he taken it? He was better off with the length of pipe Boris had scrounged up from somewhere. Of course, he’d given it back to the wolf so the toon could defend himself –but considering he was cowering in a nearby corner, Henry was deeply regretting that decision.
A hand full of claws raked across the animator’s back, making him jerk and yell in pain. Another incomplete toon, Striker, threw a punch into Henry’s right wrist, making him drop his weapon with another agonised cry. And, as if they all realised the old man was defenceless, the monsters immediately rushed him like a frenzied mob.
With a last, terrified yell, H
:iconlnicol1990:LNicol1990 24 7
BatIM TH.AU - Seeing Double
With a spin of the last valve, the Ink Machine fell silent, its many moving parts slowing to motionlessness before its great creator. Drawing a handkerchief from nowhere, Joey mopped the sweat off his brow as he stumbled slightly, moving away from the controls. Using the machine always left him weary, as if it sucked all the energy out of him and left him weak.
Well, this would be worth it.
Leaning heavily on his cane and pocketing his little black book, he walked round to the front of the machine to see his newest creations. And, sure enough, they were pulling themselves out of the ink as he stopped before them. As each creature rose and stood before him, their ink began to take form, moulding in the shapes he desired.
They were wonderful. They were magnificent. And, they wouldn’t betray him like their previous incarnations; he’d made sure of that.
One by one, Bendy, Boris and Alice all crowded around him. They each embraced him, like children to their parent, and he fondl
:iconlnicol1990:LNicol1990 167 24
Black bird female by TeresaShalott Black bird female :iconteresashalott:TeresaShalott 1 0 [FANART] Kingdom Hearts Union Cross : Ephemer by kurisart [FANART] Kingdom Hearts Union Cross : Ephemer :iconkurisart:kurisart 110 6 Dark Companion enamel pin by wylielise Dark Companion enamel pin :iconwylielise:wylielise 350 9 Dogs by Paperiapina Dogs :iconpaperiapina:Paperiapina 229 14



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Hey everyone! Now you can follow me on other platforms too.
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A little fanart of SafeWay, the first gryphon I had in “Runt of the litter”, a Choice of Games text-based game. She’s a secreatary bird/cheetah gryphon.

I love this game so much, it’s my go-to game when I want to pass the time between two things.
Irma Lair
Recently four friends and I gave ourselves a w.i.t.c.h challenge, each of us choose her favorite and drew her.
So I raced to pick Irma and today I finally colorised her ^^ !

Other w.i.t.c.h done:
 Cornelia by Zibelinbelt
 Will by Puff of Aria
the explorers
Three little explorers sunbathing before the next dungeon
Me, my little brother and sister all played the first mystery dungeon so I made each of our characters ^^ !
My wild orlan watcher in Pillars of eternity. I tried to do something in the official avatars's style


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